Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deep Conversations with a Three Year Old

Last night as I was rocking Morgan Kate we shared two conversations that I wanted to share.

As we were saying her prayers and she was thanking God for all of her family and friends (the list is quite lengthy) the conversation went a little like this:
MK: Thank you for Owens and Dippin and Kyle and Hunter and Jordan.
Me: And who else?
MK: Kaka and Gator.
Me: Who else?
MK: Jesus.
Me: Oh, okay. You are thanking God for Jesus. You are such a sweet girl.
MK: I wanna hug Jesus. 
Me: (All I could think of was "Really?" How in the heck do I explain this one?!?) Well, baby, you can't hug Jesus right now. Ummm, he lives in the sky. In Heaven. But, ummmm, you can blow him kisses.
MK: Why, Mommy?
Me: Why what?
MK: Why he no here? I wanna hug Jesus.
Me: Ummm, well you can one day, but right now let's just blow him kisses. Now, who else do you want to thank God for?

This question led into our next deep conversation:

MK: Thank you for Roddey, McNary and James. Mommy, who is McNary's daddy?
Me: You silly girl. James is McNary's daddy.
MK: No, Mommy. James my friend.
Me: Right, James is your friend, but he's McNary's daddy. 
MK: Oh. (Big smile on her face.)
Me: Do you remember when McNary was in Roddey's tummy? (Why in this world did I ask that? Wasn't my Jesus conversation enough for one night?!?)
MK: Uh-huh. And I was in your tummy?
Me: Yep. You sure were. (Thinking to myself: Not for very long, but yes, you were.)
MK: Daddy have a baby in his belly?
Me: Ummm, no, sweetie. Only mommies can have babies in their tummies.
MK: Daddies have boy babies in their tummies?
Me: No, just mommies. Daddies don't have babies in their tummies. So, I think it's night-night time. I love you. Sleep tight. 

Wowzers. Serious conversations going on around the Callahan household last night. This girl is way smart. 


Kathy Hardison said...

Love it! Can't wait to hear all the conversations to come.

Anonymous said...

Soo precious!!! Love it!