Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Total Randomness.

One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world is watch these two together. May actually be my absolute most favorite. I knew a long time ago that this man was going to be the best daddy ever. And he does not disappoint. He makes me want to me a better momma. His love for this little girl is incredible.

Morgan Kate loves bath time. Mostly. It's hard slowing her down enough to actually get in, but once we get her in there she's great. Until it's time to wash her hair. Every night, bath time goes a little like this:
Me or Trav: Morgan Kate, it's time to take a bath.
MK: No wash my hair.
Me or Trav: We have to tonight.
Me or Trav: Morgan Kate, it hasn't been washed in two days. We have to.
MK: No, please. No. (Begging and pleading.)
Me or Trav: We will do it real fast and it will be over super quick. Promise.
MK: Okaaaayyyyyy. (Real whiney like.)

I have been meaning to share this awesome chalkboard that my daddy made me for my birthday. He constructed it and my momma "supervised". They are a pretty good team. I had been wanting a chalkboard for my kitchen for like forever, so I was thrilled, beyond belief, when my daddy made this one. I love it and I just sit around and think of funny and clever and life changing things to write on it. This week I chose a quote I found in my planner. It's kind of my motto to live by right now. 

Oh, and if you are looking for something cute, "fall-ish", FUN and kind of, sort of decorative - then check out this "Fall Bucket List" printable (and it's cute blog). Totally cute. And totally FREE. Nice. 

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Anonymous said...

Lets take the girls to the pumpkin patch again and you can check that off your bucket list! CAN'T WAIT!

Hope you are having a great week,