Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our girl.

It's been awhile since I've blogged about just our girl. Tonight seemed the perfect night to catch up. 
Since this first picture is of our baby girl catching some zzzs, I figured I'd start with our nights/mornings. Almost a year ago bedtime was the worst part of our day. Seriously. There were days when I'd call Travis from work and beg to come home after bedtime. It was awful. She hated going to bed and we hated dealing with bedtime. Thank goodness things have changed. There are now, some nights, where our girl will ask to go to bed. She will tell us she is tired and ready for sleep. My mom says I did that when I was little, so I guess she gets it from me. Most nights she is fast asleep by 8 and those kind of nights make for some really nice mornings. She is not an early riser by any means - which suits us perfectly fine. We have to wake her up each morning during the week and we always have. I guess staying home those first two years and not being on any kind of schedule does that to you. Or maybe she just likes to sleep in. Anyway, when she's had a solid ten plus hours of sleep then mornings aren't so bad. We usually wake her up just minutes before we head out the door. Her clothes for the day are already out and we just put those on real quick, brush her teeth and she decides one ponytail, two or a bow and we are out the door. No worries. She does eat breakfast, just not until she gets to Roddey's. Reason #12,567 that Roddey is so amazing. When the princess doesn't get at least ten hours then mornings consist of a lot of whining, crying, slow moving, fussing and other type things that really just don't start your day off right.
Morgan Kate is really into playing doctor and teacher and mommy and really anything where she can pretend. She loves to pretend. She also loves to play on the iPad. She's better with the iPad than I am. She loves reading and singing and dancing and playing outdoors. She loves painting and building and cooking. 

Morgan Kate still has her "friends" - Daba and Mimi. She talks to them a lot and includes them whenever she is playing. It cracks me up to hear her conversations with them. Wowzers. 

She also loves to help. She wants to help work in the yard. She wants to help bake and cook and clean up. She wants to help fold clothes and put clothes in the washer or dryer. I love how helpful she is!
She's still a pretty good eater and she will try anything. I love that about her. Just the other night she wanted to try raw horseradish with a piece of her steak because she saw her daddy eating it. She said it was okay, but kind of spicy. Some days she eats and eats and eats and other days she barely touches her food. I don't push the days where she eats like a bird and on the days where she's eating really good, I don't limit what she eats. I kind of let her make those decisions and so far she's done a great job.
She came home Friday with a fever and was so pitiful. She just wanted to be held and snuggled and that was perfectly okay with me. I mean I wasn't okay with her being sick, but I did enjoy the extra snuggle time. Saturday morning she woke up fever free and has been ever since. I'm still not really sure what was going on.

Morgan Kate LOVES school. It makes me smile so big. She gets so excited on her "school days". She comes home and tells us about what they did and who was there or who wasn't there. She's quite fond of one little boy in particular. She talks about him all.of.the.time. Whenever she mentions him she just lights up. I mean, is it normal for a four year old girl to be so smitten with a little boy?!? We are going to seriously have to watch her!

Ninety-five percent of the time she is just the sweetest thing ever. She's so thoughtful and so caring. She loves to hug and she will hug ANYONE. She uses her best manners and just has a smile that melts my heart. The other five percent of the time she can be quite the drama queen. However, I will admit, the drama usually occurs because of lack of sleep or not feeling well or being overly tired or even being hungry. As long as we do our best to avoid those things, she is an angel. 

Morgan Kate, you make your mommy and daddy so proud and we love you SO very much!


Kathy Hardison said...

Miss her and you!

Elizabeth said...

She's growing up so quickly!! Great job Momma! I've been trying not to stress out over Addison's picky food days b/c like MK, some days she eats everything, other days not so much.